February 01 2014 Saturday at 12:28 PM


We started "Salvage Maria" 4 years ago. A wonderful friend made play pants out of her husband's t-shirts for her sons. I loved the idea and then the cogs started turning in my head. What if you made other kind of stylishly, well made, cool kids clothes besides pants?  What if you up-cycled your vintage t-shirts you've been collecting for years, or what if you finally do something with that dress your grandma gave you or take that awful top that someone gave you as a souvenir and repurpose them into a cute outfit for your child. I realized the potential and the endless possibilities!  

I was working full time when I embarked on this as a side project, then I had a child, then my life got even crazier and busier!  Finally my little guy started preschool, and I thought for sure I would be able to devote all my time into this, but that didn't happen!

My brother passed away unexpectedly this year. It was heartbreaking and devastating. It was also the catalyst that pushed me. I needed to keep busy, so I started to refocus and channel all my energy back into "Salvage Maria." My mother had packed some of his clothes to be donated, but fortunately I was able to salvage some t-shirts and other articles of his clothing. We designed tees, pants, shorts, cardigans, and popeye sets. We also set aside some of his other items for my sisters whenever they have kids. It was bittersweet, intimate and special. My son won't grow up to know his Uncle Josh personally but at least I'll have some new memories and pictures of him in his clothes. So now I'm continuing on this journey and I'm pouring my love into it. I hope it shows!