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You're here, great, I've been waiting!! I hope you have a happy conniption over the tragically hip, handmade original clothes we are creating for your little ones! There's a little latin love infused in all of our handmade pieces! 

We try to be really thoughtful of what we're putting out in the world, we repurpose we upcycle we recycle and we salvage where we can. We do not mass produce and everything we do is sourced locally in downtown LA. Lots of handcrafted love has been poured into everything we make just for you!  

 I'm kind of like the modern day “Maria Von Trapp” but with some Mexican flair! I didn't think twice about leaving the damask drapes, and the Swiss Alps in exchange for the Hollywood Hills! Ahum, that now happen to be alive with the sound my sewing machine! 

I scour the streets of LA for cool fabrics that I can salvage, new fabrics that inspire me, or refurbished pieces that I can breathe new life into.There’s nothing more special than turning something old and heartfelt into something stylishly new, handmade and eco-friendly for your home and your little rad humans. All of our manufacturing is done in downtown Los Angeles. We strive work with local vendors and will work with artisan across the border (we really dig Mexican textiles!)

 If Maria is inspired by something she'll sit down to task and hand make some of her own patterns, cut and handcraft as much as she can. We create our upcycled tees and jean jackets found in thrift & vintage stores, flea markets, and resell stores. Other pieces may come from last season, overstock fabrics from large retailers, new fabrics, reclaimed leather, or textiles that inspire us. We are conscientious of where are materials come from, we repurpose, we put a lot of thought, energy and quality into what we're making. We don't just throw haphazard stuff together! All of our pieces are made to order. We make clothes and other rad pieces that you have to have in your life!

Salvage Maria has been a work in progress for about 6 years. A wonderful friend made play pants out of her husband's t-shirts for her sons. I was so incredibly in love with the whole process and the green element that I couldn't stop thinking about it! So the cogs started turning in my head- I had no idea what I was doing and I didn't have a child back then but I started designing my own stylish creations. I felt like I was holding a moonbeam in my hand! I was working full time when I embarked on this as a hobby. The reception was great and I was taking custom orders here and there. Then I had my son and my life got even crazier and busier! Finally my little guy started preschool and I thought for sure I would be able to devote all my time into this, but that didn't happen!

Then my younger brother passed away at the age of 25 from a seizure unexpectedly on Christmas Eve 2013 and my life was never the same. It was so heartbreaking and devastating, but it was also the catalyst that pushed me to start pursuing this full force. I started to channel all my energy and grief into "Salvage Maria."

My mother (Maria) had packed some of his clothes to be donated, fortunately I was able to save some t-shirts and other pieces. With what we had, we designed tees, pants, cardigans, and pjs for my little guy. We also set aside some of his other items for my sisters whenever they have children. It was a bittersweet, intimate and such a special process. It truly encompassed on a personal level the power of "Salvage Maria."

My sons won't grow up to know his "Uncle Josh" personally but at least I'll have something tangible of his to pass down so he can create his own new memories in. It was a gift in such an unexpected way. I have no doubt that my brother is smiling down upon his crazy family and doing what he can to put in "a good word" for us as we embark on this journey. We're pouring all our love, heart & soul into this and I hope it shows!







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