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Up-Cycling & Sustainability

up*cy*cle /'ep,sikel/ verb gerund or present participle: upcycling

Is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and beautiful.  Taking old products/items into better quality or for better environmental value.

Due to the nature of our concept original articles of clothing may look worn, threadbare, have pilling, discoloration, imperfect stitching, stains, tears, markings and holes. We consider these imperfections pretty rad battle scars and work around them or with them. We will do what we can to salvage these habiliments, but keep in mind the beauty of the process is the initial love worn piece. No matter what we will make our up-cycled pieces and your custom orders look fabulous! 

We make our "slaughtered & salvaged" line from clothes found in thrift & vintage stores, flea markets, and resell stores. Sometimes we buy last season or overstock fabrics from large retailers and on occasion I may come across a brand new piece of clothing that I think would be totally bad-ass mini sized. We are conscientious of where are materials come from, we put a lot of thought, energy and quality into what we're making. We don't just throw haphazard stuff together! All of our pieces are made to order. We make clothes that you would totally wear if you 20 times smaller!

Our "deconstructed denim" line is hand distressed and hand bleached from initial refurbished denim pieces sometimes new on occasion. We use faux leather, really nice leather or reclaimed leather for our fringe and our vests. Basically whatever our heart fancies at the moment and makes sense to us and our customers. 

All of our clothes and materials come from & are made in downtown Los Angeles. We solely work with local vendors. If Maria is inspired by something she'll sit down to task and hand make some of her own patterns, cut and handcraft as much as she can.

If there's something out there you would like to see us make please contact us. We'll definitely pass along any suggestions and ideas to our design team. Who knows, maybe they'll name the piece after you!

All clothes have a special story and they would be so lucky to rewrite their history with you.


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